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Why So Blue Panda Bear? Try R.A.K.!
November 4, 2018 at 12:00 AM
by Girl Power For Good, LLC

Random acts of kindness are often as helpful for the giver as the receiver. I remember, not too long ago, when I was plagued with resistance and frustration. I tried to buy my way out of that stuck place, and I acquired a plethora of gorgeous shoes and handbags. Each new purchase would give me a momentary lift out of the funk, but it didn’t last. The zing would wear off after a couple of weeks, and I’d be back in the same dark place, albeit with a different volume of stuff to look at in my sadness. Then, I got cancer, and I knew it was a wake-up call to change my perspective.

And that’s what random acts of kindness do – they change your perspective.

I stumbled upon this radical idea during my life coaching certification: helping other people, for no reason, makes you feel better – every single time! Changing your focus from your own limitations to someone else’s experience is expansive. It takes you out of your head and into your heart. If you’re feeling sad because your legs don’t look like a picture in a magazine, hold a door open for someone in a wheelchair, whose legs don’t work at all. It makes you appreciate the strength within your imperfect gams.

If you’re feeling bored, sad, or exhausted, go online and donate to a charity of your choice. That simple act of doing something for someone else begins to lift the sadness. If you’re looking for a charity, my favorite one is Girl Power For Good Foundation, Inc., the parent company of 850 Elite Volleyball Academy and Girl Power Station. All donations go towards our scholarship program for 850 Elite, so qualifying players can play a sport they love, even if their families can’t afford the club fees This allows them to travel to national tournaments to gain exposure to college coaches, thereby turning our scholarship into a college scholarship. In our first three seasons, we have had 19 players go on to play in college, some of whom would never have been able to afford college on their own.

You can also donate your time to the foundation, as we’re always looking for volunteers for fundraisers and tryouts. As someone who volunteers her time to the Foundation, I can attest to the fact that I’ve never been more fulfilled. I don’t need the shoes and bags anymore to lighten my spirits. Walking into our Center does that every day. Seeing the faces of all the kids we are helping with our particular brand of teaching life skills through Volleyball, as well as the look of satisfaction on the faces of our wellness center members, as their bodies and minds become stronger through fitness and connection is more than enough for me.

So, I challenge you to change your perspective through giving. Set an intention to do one thing for someone else today, just because you can. Make eye contact with a stranger and smile. Ask how the guy behind the counter at the gas station is doing, and wait for the answer. The act of connection with a purpose makes you feel more human, more generous, more compassionate. And isn’t that’s what it’s all about? If you wanna' chat about kindness or volunteer at Girl Power for Good Foundation, e-mail me at