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Feeling Like You're Losing Your Ever Loving Mind?
December 2, 2018 at 12:00 AM
by Girl Power For Good, LLC

The theme for the next few weeks is Clarity is the KEY, to which you may respond, “Well, duh!” At face value, you know that clarity is important, but I believe it’s more than just important. I believe our right life, our destiny, if you will, requires a lack of chatter to become clear.

It’s like following a map when you’re going on a long journey (metaphor alert). You have a destination in mind, but you don’t know all the turns and choices you need to make to get there. Let’s say your connection to the almighty Google-voice is broken, and you’re left with a picture of where you’re headed but no blue line to tell you whether you’re on or off course. This is where Clarity comes in. With Clarity, you start to notice landmarks that are on the map. You begin to discern how you need to adjust to stay on track. You become the author of your own destiny. Who needs Google-voice when you have clarity and your own inner voice to follow?

Here’s how this plays out in my life outside metaphor land. I woke up this morning grumpy and uninspired. This happens more often than I’d like to admit as a life coach, but then again, I’m also a human. My mind was muddled, and I kept wandering from room to room looking for my mojo. Then I remembered the Clarity Key. I know that thinking of my children makes me smile; it makes me feel like a competent human, because I had a little something to do with how funny, smart and kind they turned out. So, I started reading the hilarious texts that were flying last night, as I send out my newly created Bitmoji (yes, I’m a little late to the Bitmoji party, because I’m allergic to trendy). As I read each successfully snarky comment, I started to laugh out loud and feel much better. The fog cleared, and I picked up my pen and started to write. It was magical. I knew exactly what I wanted to say. Clarity brought me back to my day’s journey of writing this blog post.

If I hadn’t sought out my Clarity Key, I might have continued to stumble around in my pajamas looking for a distraction to easy my poor addled mind. I could have chosen Facebook, online shopping, Netflix, or any number of other numbing mechanisms. But knowing that wouldn’t get me where I wanted to go today AND remembering the Clarity Key saved my day!

It’s just that simple.

Notice this week what makes you feel clear and what makes you feel muddled. Who are you with and what are your doing when you feel on track or lost? For me, the list goes like this: 

· CLEAR=contact with my kids, laundry and podcasts, creating order out of chaos (organizing one drawer or one clothing rack), teaching class or talking with 850 Elite girls, and meditation.

· FOGGY=going through email, online shopping, Facebook, big crowds-especially cocktail parties, reality t.v. (except Queer Eye, which makes me quite clear and happy).

 What’s on your lists? Notice, and then write them down in your journal, on the Big Board at GPS, or tell me all about it at Together we can draw our own map and follow it to a more delicious, fun-filled life. Ready? Set? GO!