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Choose Your Sisterhood
August 25, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Girl Power For Good, LLC

This month’s “O, the Oprah Magazine” is all about friendship. As it happens, this month begins a new Sisterhood campaign at Girl Power Station with a Bohemian Bunco Bash that was a ton of fun! The headline picture shows what our brand of fun looks like!

We have always been about connection as a way of empowering women and girls of all ages, and the Sisterhood is here to help us complete that mission. Without friends, we can’t transform Girl World into a galaxy of women supporting other women instead of competing against them for attention. At GPS we create an atmosphere of fun, where women can sweat, learn and improve their physical health while also healing themselves emotionally, surrounded by a support group who’s doing the same dang thang.

So, how do you choose your people? First you define a list of characteristics of a good friend. List them all on a piece of paper. For me: 1. A slightly dark sense of humor 2. A focus on bettering the world instead of buying more stuff 3. Likes to go deep in conversation 4. Open minded/non-judgemental 5. Likes to travel, expand their horizons 6. Kind and compassionate to all, even the people who don’t have the same supportive attitude. Because deciding who to weed out of your circle of support is just as important as deciding who to let in.

My sisterhood has a G.O.T. wall with a moat around it, and drama mamas are not admitted. This is the most important thing in creating your sisterhood—deciding who has earned the right to be there. Look at your circle of friends right now. Do you have a few frenemies in there? People who are intent on sustaining a vortex of drama where they play the ringmaster in the center of the swirl? People who do not have the qualities on your list, but you’ve known them so long you don’t know how to boot them from your sisterhood? That’s okay. Just noticing is the start of weeding them out of your support group.

Stay tuned for next month’s blog where I give you an action plan for weeding your sisterhood, so there will be space for your new “sisters”. A great way to meet new sisters is to come to Girl Power Station. We are waiting with open arms! Write your Ideal Sister characteristics on the Big Board at GPS, or ask me for help at