The Legitimacy of Being Lazy

I had a client the other day respond, “Maybe I’m just lazy” to my query of why she felt stuck in her life. Okay, it wasn’t a client; it was me. I used this excuse to put off writing my book for 15 years, and I find that it crops up when I’m under stress. Our 850 Elite Volleyball Academy grew 45% this season, and we are experiencing the joy of that, as well as the growing pains. When things are chaotic, my brain gets stuck…and I trot out that old story. Except I don’t really believe in lazy anymore.

I believe in tired, or uninspired, or scared, or resistant to change. But lazy feels like the shame side of fear and resistance. It sucks you into its web of immobility, and not in a good way.

My Mom used to tell me I was lazy; maybe because she made the Energizer bunny look like a sloth on Valium. Lazy implies there is something wrong with you, and it’s a permanent condition over which you have no power. Well, bullocks to that! I’m not buying the “lazy” thing anymore. I choose to opt out of the shame game, because no-one wins.

Instead, I’m using a very powerful creativity tool called Dawdling. I’m choosing to see the power of doing nothing while allowing my mind to run free. I need to dawdle. It’s the fertile ground from which my ideas for better, faster, more efficient and hilarious ways to move through my life are grown.

For instance, this blog post sprung from the passing fancy that spending the morning alternatively reading and watching “Catastophe” on Amazon Prime (amazing dialog and acting…NOT for kids!) might cause my dearly departed mama to call me lazy. And just like that, the writing commenced. Why? Because I had dawdled sufficiently to fill my creative well. It made such an impression on me, that we are using it as our theme at Girl Power Station:


Even just for 5 minutes. How will you fill your creative well (yes, we all have one) and not accomplish one thing? When you define what kind of dawdling feels delicious, then do THAT every day for 21 days and create a dawdle habit. Then drop me a line at and tell me all about it. You can also check out the video I did on Dawdle Power here.

Have fun dawdling!


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