The Birth of Girl Power for Good -

The Birth of Girl Power for Good

I have written many blog posts and articles about what happened to me in Africa and the seed of an idea that I brought back from Londolozi Game Reserve. But I haven’t yet shared how that seed blossomed into the Girl Power for Good empire (Yes, I said empire. It might not be fully formed yet, but the future shimmers just out of sight).

When I returned from Africa with this concept of Girl Power fueled by the Power of the Pride, I knew I needed help bringing it to fruition. So, I called the most connected and generous person I know, Jill Farmer, or as I like to call her, the Time Goddess. I told Jill that I needed help spreading the “Power of the Pride” message, and I explained my concept of connection over competition, asking for suggestions for my best next step. She was uber-excited about the concept (this is the reaction you get from a true pride-mate: no hesitancy, no jealousy, just love and support. That’s how you know they are part of your Pride).

While I was in Minneapolis for five days shepherding my daughter to a volleyball camp, Jill said, “You need to talk to Sheri Bennefeld about your speaking career; you’re in her town.” After some really weird “universe steps in when you are on your right path” co-incidences, I found myself across the table from Sheri at the Mall of America. I told her about my Girl Power concept and my book, and she said, “I see you as an avatar.” “Excuse me?” I squeaked. “I see you as a cartoon in a safari outfit with a pith helmet. You are the guide to girl power.” It was one of those moments where time stops, and I had a feeling that we were onto something big.

Jill also gave me a list of people who could help me send my book-baby into the world. After a few interviews, I had the same sort of time stops moments with Janica Smith. She said, “I see you as a field guide. Maybe that’s what we can call your book?” Janica had the same intuition that this was much bigger than one book or one speech; the Pride concept had the potential to be a game changer for girls of all ages.

I followed my Body Compass and hired both ladies to be members of my Pride.

Sheri’s first edict was that we had to all be in the same room for a few days to hash out the concept. “Really? Can’t we do it by Skype?” I whined. “Nope, this must be face to face; there’s a magic that happens which is impossible to replicate long distance.” So, everyone flew in and stayed at my house. We sat around my dining room table with big sticky notes and a dry erase board and jammed for two days. I kept saying how I wanted girls to recognize their own power and choose to use it wisely. At one point, we were talking about a company to publish the words of girls who would never attract the notice of a traditional publisher, and Janica said,”The name should be Girl Power for Good.”

I felt a thunk in my heart as the pieces of the puzzle fell into place.

Out of those two days came the logo of the lioness’s paw, with each toe representing a different prong of the mission:

  1. Field Guides: books to help girls and their moms navigate their social wilderness with me as their guide.
  2. Speaking: I will take the message of Girl Power and the Power of the Pride to audiences near and far.
  3. Girl Power Stations: Community centers where girls can come and re-charge their girl power, so that they can take it out to better the world.
  4. Coaching: a more private interactive experience, where I can help girls and their moms one-on-one or in small groups, and
  5. Girl Power for Good Publishing: where girls can be heard, not just seen: using their words to make a difference.

I told you…it’s an empire! When I stepped back and looked at our board (see the picture above), I thought,”I’m never going to be bored again!”

I share this birth with you for a couple of reasons:

  1. I would love for you to visit the website and join the movement in whatever way feels good to you, and
  2. I wanted to demonstrate the magic that happens when a group of women are all pulling for a common goal, especially if that goal will make the world a better place.

When girls pool their power, the Universe steps in to help out, and the sum is so much bigger than its parts.

What is the biggest dream you ever gave up on?

My dream was to help teens recognize their own power; with the Power of the Pride, that dream just got a whole lot bigger! Can you hear the roar?

If you need a little help with your dreams, drop one of my Pride-mates a line.

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