parenting teens

We are a culture of busy worshipers. It doesn't really matter what we're doing, we think that we need to be frantic and rushing around to be productive. This is especially tempting when we are in Square 3 of the Change Cycle; it ain't called The Hero's Saga for nothin', people! If you don't know… LETS GO

A support system is one of the key necessities for thriving in transition. If you don't have a group (or a few) people who love you no matter what, then it's time to dream up a new Pride. Your Pride may not be the cool kids. You know, the Moms who always know what to… LETS GO

When it comes to parenting, I think we are like my fluffy Goldendoodle; we are always on the wrong side of the door. It doesn't matter if he's been inside for only 2.5 seconds; he still wants to go outside. Whereas, when he gains his freedom, he's immediately whining to be let back in the… LETS GO

If you read my last blog post, you know that I returned from a fabulous retreat two weeks ago, and I'm not quite the same person I was on the plane ride to St. Louis. Well, the lessons continue. I've said that parenting is like building the plane while you're flying it; at times, it's… LETS GO

I just returned from the amazing Light Your Fire Retreat given by fellow life coach, Jill Farmer.  If you know me at all, you know that my idea of camping is staying in a two star hotel. I wouldn't say that I was a princess, but my family and friends would (sidebar: the parents on my… LETS GO