A support system is one of the key necessities for thriving in transition. If you don't have a group (or a few) people who love you no matter what, then it's time to dream up a new Pride. Your Pride may not be the cool kids. You know, the Moms who always know what to… LETS GO

In continued gratitude for all my new subscribers from the Teen Parenting Summit 2015, I'm going to devote another blog post to one attendees' burning questions. When asked what their biggest parenting challenge was, this was one response that captured the flavor of a large majority of the issues: "How do I know when to intervene… LETS GO

As Breast Cancer Awareness month comes to a close, I am reminded of how my views on breast cancer have changed since my surgery. I used to think that breast cancer was a death sentence, but I now see that it’s anything but. For me, breast cancer was a life sentence, in that it gave… LETS GO

A look back at Girl Power For Good's Evolution Originally published June 24, 2013I returned from Africa last week, and I’m going to take the next few blog posts to comment on the experience...because it was too monumental to squeeze into just one. First of all, Africa is beyond words; and now I will try… LETS GO