My middle child graduated from college last week, and I'm still processing it. My first instinct was to move forward and think about the next thing on the list. And then my Inner Guide whispered, "This is a milestone; let's take a breath and celebrate it." If you're anything like me, you're always pushing on… LETS GO

  With the start of a New Year, you might think a life coach would be all rainbows and sunshine about the opportunities that lie ahead in 2015–not so much. Instead, I'm on my couch surrounded by vitamin C, tissue boxes, and hot tea. I am good and sick, and I know it's from stress… LETS GO

Plugged-In parenting is so foundational for me that I made it the title of my first book. The concept is built upon the premise that parenting is not a spectator sport, and you only get one chance at doing it well. However, as important as it is to plug in to our kids, if we… LETS GO