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This page is for my Street Team; I see you as sort of a squad of superheroes without the capes…unless you like capes, and then by all means, don one! If you’re here, you are interested in telling the world all about my new book. First of all, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart; seriously, I love you guys! This Street Team Kit is designed to make it super easy for you to spread the word about the book. This kit is broken into the following sections:

– Helpful Links

– The Low-Down

– Book Snapshot

– Chapter Summaries

– Sample Tweets

– Sample Email/Newsletter Blurbs

– Blog Post or Article Ideas

– Video Link

– Author Bio

– Sample Interview Questions

If you need something that isn’t here, please let me know; I want to make this as easy on you as possible.  Please send me the links for anything you post. I want to share it and highlight you on the PRIDE PAGE.  You can post it on my Facebook page or tag me on Twitter using @girlpower4good. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to return the love and support you are giving me. This book is the start of a HUGE movement of using our girl power for good. I’m starting with parents, because without their support, it’s much more difficult for girls to own their own power (and aren’t moms just grown up girls, anyway?). This is the first in a long line of Field Guides that will create a map for navigating life’s challenging times, using Girl Power as the fuel and the Pride (our support system of other girls) as the delivery system for a joyful life.


Terri Fedonczak

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The Low Down

Title of the Book: Field Guide to Plugged-In Parenting … Even If You Were Raised by Wolves

Best Dates to Promote: The book is due to release on January 20, 2013, so any press you can send out the week of the 13th through the 20th would be greatly appreciated. And should that time prove impossible—please know we’ll take the love whenever we can get it!

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Book Snapshot: This book answers the question: “How do you raise kind, successful kids when you have no role model to follow?” Or regardless of circumstances, you know that you want to parent differently than you were raised. Since my parents were too interested in their own drama to notice me, I ended up parenting myself. I knew that when I became a Mom, I would do things in a vastly different way from my parents. This book describes the plan that I developed to turn out amazing kids (this is not just my opinion; countless teachers have told me the same thing :). My plan looks at a family values based system using long-term goals as the guiding force for making short-term decisions. My definition of family values is based upon treating others with kindness and respect, being goofy with your kids, and consistently applying discipline without anger. The book is divided into three sections:

SECTION I: BASIC BUILDING BLOCKS FOR YOUR PARENTING PLAN: this section lays out the main ingredients in my Parenting Plan, including the definitions and usages of the following terms: 1. Plugged-In Parenting, 2. The 3 R’s: Respect for Self, Respect for Others, and Responsibility for Your Actions, 3. Using Family Values to Create a Discipline Plan, and 4. The Importance of Delayed Gratification.

SECTION II: PARENTING DURING PERIODS OF FLUX AND MASTERING CHANGE: this section includes an explanation of The Change Cycle (a Martha Beck coaching tool; terms in brackets are from Martha Beck), and how it relates to raising kids in different stages of their life. I have seen that it’s not as important to maintain control (because that never happens) as it is to roll with the changes in a way that keeps you calm, even in times of crisis. Then you can set an example for your kids of how to navigate all four squares of the Change Cycle: Square One: Starting All Over [Death and Rebirth], Square Two: Dreaming Up a New You [Dreaming and Scheming], Square Three: Falling Down and Getting Up, and Falling Down Some More [The Heroes Saga], and Square Four: In The Groove [The Promised Land].

SECTION iII: PARENTING TWEENS AND TEENS AND WRITING YOUR OWN PLAN: this section demonstrates tools that are especially helpful for older kids, including: 1. Leading By Example Instead of Saying One Thing and Doing Another, 2.  The Value of Team Sports,  3. Self Care For Teens, 4.  Protecting Your Teen from Emotional Vampires, and 5. The Top Ten Hits Of My Parenting Plan, so that you can create your own.

Chapter Summaries: in case you want to focus on one section of the book, or you don’t have time to read the whole stinking thing right now!

INTRODUCTION: NOT THAT WOLVES ARE BAD OR ANYTHING… This Chapter explains the premise of why I wrote the book: if you didn’t have a good parenting model to follow, you may feel lost and ill-equipped as a parent. This Chapter talks about how I was raised by wolves and how it forced me to come up with my own plan…for which I’m eternally grateful.

CHAPTER ONE:  PLUGGED-IN PARENTING: This chapter lays out my philosophy of parenting: Parenting is not a spectator sport. Plugged-In Parenting requires that you develop a plan for parenting and then follow it consistently. Plugged-In Parenting feels better than thinner thighs and new boots combined! When you are a Plugged-In parent, you are connected to your kids in a way that allows you to support them regardless of age and circumstances.

CHAPTER TWO: QUALITY TIME WITH YOUR CHILDREN: This chapter helps you define what you want from your parenting. Until you figure out who you are as a parent, you can’t develop goals for yourself and your kids.

CHAPTERS THREE, FOUR and FIVE: These chapters lay out the cornerstone of my parenting life…the 3 R’s. They are 1. RESPECT FOR YOURSELF, 2. RESPECT FOR OTHERS, AND 3.RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS. When you parent using the 3 R’s first with yourself and then with your children, your kids will develop into kind, caring, and responsible adults.

CHAPTER SIX: RULES ARE GOOD; CONSISTENT RULES ARE BETTER: This chapter explains my philosophy of discipline: rules make kids feel safe. Using rules with little kids allows them to just play and be a kid, because they know that someone bigger and more experienced is in charge. Rules prepare bigger kids for working within a larger system, thereby equipping them to succeed in their academic and employment careers.

CHAPTER NINE: FAMILY VALUES CREATE A HAPPY HOME: This chapter is a blueprint for creating a happy home, using humor as a way to stay close to your kids, something that comes in real handy when they become teenagers.

SECTION II: PARENTING DURING PERIODS OF FLUX: This whole section is devoted to an explanation of the Change Cycle, the single most important tool in my life coaching belt. The ability to master change trumps maintaining control every time. We can’t control circumstances or other people, including our kids, but we can manage our reaction to change…because the only certainty in life is that things will eventually change.

CHAPTER FIFTEEN: LEADING BY EXAMPLE: This chapter lays out the most important issue in disciplining teens: DO YOUR OWN WORK FIRST! If you tell your kids one thing and do another, they won’t listen to anything you say. Be authentic and examine your own actions before punishing your teen for theirs.

CHAPTER SIXTEEN: TEAM SPORTS: THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY: This chapter describes the importance of shrinking the great big high school down to a smaller unit using extra-curricular activities. This allows your teens to find “their people” for support on the path to their dreams.

CHAPTER SEVENTEEN: SELF CARE FOR TEENS: ENERGY AND TIME MANAGEMENT: This chapter lays out how important self-care is for teens; it’s equally important for parents. Self-care in the form of adequate sleep, exercise and nutrition is the foundation for a joyful life.

CHAPTER TWENTY: CRAFTING YOUR OWN PARENTING PLAN: This chapter lays out the Top 10 Hits of my parenting plan. You can use the ones that speak to you and toss the rest; I won’t mind!


Sample Tweets:

Hey moms, sick of doing battle with your teenage daughter? Solution! @girlpower4good

How to raise confident happy teenage girls in today’s world @girlpower4good

Why didn’t she write this book when my mom was parenting? @girlpower4good

The best gift you can possibly give to a stressed out mom! @girlpower4good

Start the New Year with a new plan for parenting; bring your family closer together!


Sample Blurb to Promote the Book in Emails or Newsletters:

I’m excited to announce that my friend/Mom/BFF Terri Fedonczak’s book –Field Guide to Plugged-In Parenting, Even if You Were Raised by Wolves— hits bookshelves this month! As the C.E.O. of Girl Power for Good, LLC, a certified life coach, author, speaker, and mother of four girls, Terri is an expert on the subject of raising kind, generous, Plugged-In kids, and it all starts with becoming a Plugged-In parent. This book is the start of a revolution to use our Girl Power to improve our lives, especially the relationships with our family and friends. I’m excited that her book has finally arrived! Whether you’re a parent of a toddler or a teenager, this book will give you a step-by-step guide to building a successful parenting plan. If you’re not a parent, I bet you know someone who would benefit from having a field guide to the most important job there is. Here’s to a world where Plugged-In Parenting is the new black! Go here to buy a copy for you, your daughter, your sister or any of your friends: [insert link to book] You can also follow Terri on Twitter @girlpower4good or subscribe to her weekly blog at .


Blog Post or Article Ideas
There are several ways to highlight my book to your audience; here are a few, starting with the easiest/fastest options.

Post an excerpt. Have a favorite part? You have my permission to re-post any section up to 500 words. (feel free to write me and ask permission for longer quotes!) Some contenders could be:

The introduction where I talk about my story, and how I came up with my parenting plan.

Page 14: a definition of Plugged-In Parenting and an explanation of why it’s so important.

Page 25-26: an explanation of why quality time with your children depends upon your definition of quality.


Page 70-71: the importance of rules and discipline in making your child feel safe and nurtured, as well as how to discipline in different stages of your child’s life.

Page 101: how family values and traditions create a happy home that your kids will want to come home to everyday.

Page 111-116: an introduction to the Change Cycle and how it relates to your parenting plan.

Page 165: how Leading by Example beats “because I said so” every time.

Page 181-182: how self-care is just as important for teens as for their parents.

Page 189-190: how to protect your teens from emotional vampires.

Page 206-213: the Top 10 hits of my parenting plan.

Pick the bits that tickle your fancy and then include: “This excerpt comes from a brand-new book called Field Guide to Plugged-In Parenting, Even if You Were Raised by Wolves, by Terri Fedonczak, the CEO of, the site that shows girls how to use their own inner lioness power to change their world. It’s available here: [Insert link]


Write a personal response or review of the book. Read it and be honest about what lit you up, what you learned, and why certain parts resonated with you in a way that made you question your own parenting.

Share one take-away or insight from a specific concept or chapter. What did you learn? What did you like? What was an ah-ha you had? What do you think your audience needs to hear?

Tell us a personal parenting story that relates to one of the chapters in the book.

Video Link

Feature this video of me explaining why I wrote this book: Why I Wrote Field Guide To Plugged-In Parenting, Even If You Were Raised By Wolves

About Terri Fedonczak
Terri Fedonczak is the author of Field Guide to Plugged-in Parenting, Even if You Were Raised by Wolves. She has 22 years of parenting experience and is a Certified Martha Beck life coach, specializing in parent and teen coaching.
Terri wants to live in a world where girls recognize their own power and choose to use it for good.  On a trip to Londolozi Game Reserve in South Africa, she witnessed the power of lionesses, as they supported each other within the pride; it was a lightning bolt of realization, leading her on a mission to bring the power of the pride to girls and their parents.
After 16 years as a commercial real estate agent, a bout with breast cancer transformed Terri’s life in 2010, making her realize that time with her four girls and patient husband was a much better deal than money and status. It was time to put her mission into action. She left sales and embarked on a journey of spreading the message of girl power for good.
Terri Fedonczak takes the girl power message into schools, talking to teen girls about how to thrive in the wilds of high school. When she’s not writing books, speaking, coaching or blogging, you can find her paddle boarding on the sparkling waters of Boggy Bayou, knitting to the consternation of her children, who are buried in scarves and hats, or dancing in her kitchen to Motown.
You can discover your own inner lioness and feel the power of the pride at


Top Eight Interview Questions

Use these interview questions in any way that speaks to you. Print them “as is” or feel free to use any answer as a quote in your writing.

1. Please tell me about why you picked the title- Field Guide to Plugged-In Parenting, Even if You Were Raised by Wolves.

Since I was raised in a household where drama reigned supreme, there wasn’t a whole lot of room left over for parenting. I knew this was messed up, even at a very young age, and I vowed to parent my kids differently. I think there are so many parents out there who love their kids, but they don’t know how to parent, as they have no role model to follow. This book gives them a field guide to navigate the wilds of parenting.

2. What is the deal with the safari theme?

I went to Africa last summer and I saw how the lionesses worked together to raise their young and survive as a pride. It was like a lightning bolt to my brain about what could be in modern female relationships. I returned home and re-branded my whole business around the safari theme. Since parenting is the biggest safari of all, where the natives are often restless, this is the perfect platform for my parenting book. I have a whole list of future Field Guides to help girls of all ages navigate their lives in a way that brings them more joy.

3. Tell us about being a “wolf baby” and how it’s affected your parenting?

I have a theory that when you are raised by wolves (parents who have no idea how to parent or nurture), you develop a lack-based outlook on life. When you look at life through lack glasses, every person and situation looks like a threat. You live your life constantly on guard; your every waking moment is about finding security and safety. The result, as a parent, is that you’re either overwhelmed by the uncertainty of a constantly changing landscape (as your kid grows, their needs change), or you attempt to enforce consistency by becoming a control freak. The wolf-babies I’ve coached vacillate between these two states; I was more on the control freak end of the spectrum.  It took the diagnosis of breast cancer to shake my lack habit.

4. Tell us how your cancer diagnosis changed your parenting and your life?

When you are facing the degree of uncertainty about your future that comes with a cancer diagnosis, it shrinks your perspective to what’s right in front of you. I realized that I had been living my life focused upon what I didn’t have, instead of all the blessings that surrounded me. When I made that shift, I knew that I had one mission: to help parents make the same shift without the sickness. As soon as I saw that my mission was helping other parents, it became obvious that my high paying stressful job was not right for me. I began life coach training and resurrected my dream of writing a book. Now I take the lessons from the book into communities to help parents and kids improve communication, thereby bringing more connection into their life.

5. What is Plugged-In Parenting and why is it so important?

I believe that parenting is the most important job in the world; in fact, it’s the only path to immortality. If you parent from a place of values, then your children will teach your values to their children…and so on. Plugged-In Parenting is a method of daily parenting based upon long term goals. It requires spending time with your kids and creating a happy home, so that your kids want to spend time with you.

6. How do you create a happy home?

I give a lot of tips in the book on how to make your house the one that all the kids want to visit, thereby keeping your kids within your orbit. One of my favorite tricks is to laugh, often and loudly. Be goofy in times where it’s unexpected, like dancing around the living room (I tried to learn the Single Ladies Dance when my youngest had friends over), talking in accents in the grocery store, or anything that feels silly, just for the fun of it. Parents think that they have to be serious to teach lessons; not so! The easiest way to teach a lesson is to lead by example and use humor along the way.

7. What is your most important parenting tool?

Tell your kids how much you love them, every time you see them. Never pass up an opportunity to hug a kid…that includes their friends. When your child knows that your love is a constant, they will accept your discipline without a lot of fuss. When you discipline from your value system, and without anger, then your family life rolls along smoothly.

8. Why do you believe plugged-in parenting is so important?

It’s the best way of increasing the level of loving kindness in the Universe. When you love your kids and then teach them to love and respect others, it creates a wave of goodwill that never ends. As Jackie Onassis said, “if you bungle raising your children, I don’t think whatever else you do matters very much.” Parenting can bring you more joy than shiny toys and a bigger bank account all rolled together. A parent’s love is the most powerful force there is. If you develop a parenting plan based upon what’s important to you, then you can raise kind, generous, successful kids. We need more of those!