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Fedonczak says, “Lionesses hunt as a group, feed their children, and protect the pride to help each other survive. If human females did this, imagine what we could accomplish together!”

Terri Fedonczak travels the US, uplifting and building mother/daughter relationships through speaking and coaching. She supports moms in parenting their daughters for a smooth transition into the teenage years, rooted in family values and focusing on end goals. In addition, she teaches teen daughters about choosing cooperation over competition and breaking the “Mean Girl Syndrome,” that consistently impairs the relationships of the high school girls she coaches.

Fedonczak enlightens middle school and high school girls and parents. She also applies the same pride and style as a featured speaker at the Costa Leadership Institute in Northwest Florida, speaking to adults on bringing balance into their work and home lives.

Terri wants to live in a world where girls of all ages recognize their power and choose to use it for good. She calls it, “Finding Your Pride,” modeled after the behavior she witnessed among lionesses in South Africa.


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We have created a page dedicated to providing tools and resources for the media and event planners bringing Terri in to speak to their audience, including a press kit and sample questions!


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