Shopping For Christmas Presence

It’s almost Christmas, y’all! When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait for Christmas. It wasn’t just the gifts; it was the expectation that magic was afoot that was so enticing. A jolly guy landing on my roof with flying reindeer…yes, please! The presents under the tree were great, but it was the magic that hooked me. My mom loved Christmas as well, and the whole ceremony around it brought us together. I still love the magic of Christmas, and today I recognize that it’s not about presents…it’s presence that matters.

With all of this awareness and good intentions, why does Christmas still freak me out so much? I think it’s a focus on expectations versus acceptance…again. I realize that I have written about this ad nauseam, but I guess I’m just hard headed. I forget that having four kids in my space is more challenging, and I need to adjust my expectations to that level of chaos. So, here is my TODO list for Christmas:

  1. I will accept that four kids are different than one. Not better, or worse, just different. They take more energy; therefore I need to be more vigilant with my self-care while they are all home.
  2. When I let my daily morning pages and meditation slip, because I have a full house, then I am operating at a deficit. Good information! Now, I know I can be more aware of what leads to the frustration level of an ATL air traffic controller on Christmas Eve, and then I can try again. Beating myself up doesn’t help; practicing a habit of self-care does.
  3. I need to put on my own oxygen mask first…always. White knuckling it doesn’t help. But following the love does. It’s merely a matter of focus, attention, and acceptance of the perfect chaos that is my home during the holidays.
  4. I will focus more on my attitude and less on my output. My family wants my loving presence more than a pile of perfect presents. Because stuff doesn’t make a happy family…connection does.

Love and magic cross all lines of culture and religion and bring us closer together. We all want to open that kind of presence during the holidays! Please join me in a different kind of gifting this year. And when you forget self-care and get crabby, because you will, then forgive yourself and plug back in. With practice, we can all create a magical Christmas filled with love, kindness and compassion; that’s my reason for the season!



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