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TV Appearances

ABC 7 Washington DC – Let’s Talk Live!

WGN TV Chicago – Focus On Family Segment

CW 6 San Diego Living

WLTZ NBC Columbus, GA – Dee Armstrong Show

Greenville S.C. WMYA My 40 “Focus on The Palmetto State” from Terri Fedonczak on Vimeo.

April 1, 2014


Niceville Business Forum

Local 15 NBC Mobile, AL – Kelly Jones


Radio Appearances

FiNeSse With Felicia

Home and Heart Radio     –       Part 2 On Parenting and Girl Power For Good

Spring Break…Tips for Parent Survival – The Forked River Gazette

Journal Jabber with Angela Yuriko Smith

Grand Magazine Radio

How She Really Does It – Repairing Your Relationship With Your Teen

Articles in Printnymp-featuredin-175

Help Your Kids Make A Positive Difference This Summer, Expert Beacon

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6 Tips For Summer Child Care

Huffington Post: Best Way To Survive A Divorce

Spring Break Survival Tips For Parents – Savvy Girl

Women’s Lifestyle Magazine – What Happened To My Little Angel?

Texas Foster Families Association – Be a ‘Plugged-In Parent’: 5 Steps to Being a Functional Parent Even If You Grew Up in a Dysfunctional Family

Expert Beacon-End Bullying by Teaching Girl Power For Good

Raising An Olympic Athlete? 8 Questions To Ask Yourself and Your Kid – iVillage

Raising An Olympian – Daytona Times

The Reporter: How To Raise An Olympian

Late Night – GIRL POWER!! How Do You Raise Kind, Successful Kids When You Have No Role Model to Follow?

Jenna Avery Writer’s Isolation – It’s Never Too Late

Parents News Mag – There’s Absolutely Nothing Wrong With Your Teenage Daughter

The Artist Nest – When You Feel Like You’re Not Doing Enough