Mother – Daughter Experience of a Lifetime…


Londolozi – The Mother of All Mother-Daughter Retreats!

Maybe you’ve heard me mention it before or noticed the over-the-top safari theme all over my website.  Maybe you’ve always wanted to ask me, what’s the deal with the lions, Terri?  Why are you wearing that safari hat to a speaking gig?  Well, my own trip to Londolozi was one of the most transformational experiences of my life, and I’m always happy to talk about it.


photo courtesy of Londolozi Game Reserve

Londolozi is a game reserve in South Africa and it is also the birth place of my company, Girl Power for Good.

Before Londolozi I was a work-aholic control freak who met each parenting challenge with an iron fist.  I had spreadsheets for holidays, very little room for anything less than A honor roll, and passersby often mistook my 4 daughters for an army platoon.

Yes, I was THAT mom. Friends can hardly believe it, because today, I am a completely different parent to my youngest, Emily, than I ever was to my older 3 daughters. In fact, we are so close, now, that she insisted on helping me with this retreat, thereby giving you a peek into the mind of a 16 year old.

Do you wish you could just reach into your teen and find the little 8 year old who used to sit on your lap and look at you like you could solve all her problems? Have you ever wondered what your teen is thinking behind the eye-rolls? Have you wanted a translator for teen speak to mom speak? Now’s your chance! My daughter will be your field guide to understanding teenagers from the inside, as I will give you tools to stay calm during the storms of Girl World.

A Little Bit About Emily:

Emily is your basic awesome 16 year old with great grades, wicked test scores (currying Ivy League e-mails), and a killer presence on the volleyball court. She would rather stay home and watch old movies than party, and she counsels younger girls about choosing a Drama-Free life. But it wasn’t always this way. Emily was a self-proclaimed Mean Girl. She’s also suffered at the hands of the competitive mosh pit that is high school, getting GPA killing grades and migraines in 9th grade. But she turned it around. With a lot of help from her Pride on the volleyball court and her mom’s life coaching tools, she turned her high school experience from a sucking vortex of drama to a bullet train to success.

So, how does one go from sergeant mom to sweet Mama T?

Londolozi had a lot to do with it. 

So did cancer.

First, I battled cancer and got up close and personal with my own mortality long before my 50th birthday.  I did a lot of soul searching while asking my body to heal, and I came to realize that I was not the parent I always wanted. My life wasn’t filled with the stories I wanted to share or the experiences I wanted to look back on when I am old and grey and gabbing with my future grand kids.  And I believe, my stress laden, barking orders life may have manifested itself in those cancer cells that were taking over my body.  I fired myself from the commercial real estate career I had been in for over 16 years and became a life coach.  And when my mentor, Martha Beck, invited me to South Africa with her, without hesitation, I went.

photo courtesy of Londolozi Game Reserve

photo courtesy of Londolozi Game Reserve

While there are so many animals to track and observe at Londolozi, I fell particularly hard for a Pride of lionesses. Lionesses work together in a Pride to accomplish together what one lioness alone cannot.

And one of many epiphanic moments at Londolozi was realizing how Girl Power could be harnessed differently, using the lion pride as an example.  My mission and vision quickly changed from just having a bit more balance and less stress in my life to spreading the Power of the Pride all over the world, so that girls will value connection over competition.

Connection is key, and it starts at home.  Trust me when I say that loving relationships with our daughters bring us more joy than thinner thighs and a bigger bank account all rolled together. And mother-daughter love is one of the greatest forces in the universe.

From July 11-15, 2016, I’m bringing 6 mother/daughter pairs from my Pride to Londolozi Game Reserve for 4 nights  and 5 days of connecting to each other in a way that transcends even the best car ride convo .

This unique retreat provides the experience of a certified life coach and parenting expert/author combined with the perspective of an actual teenager who wants to heal Girl World as much as her Mom. We will show you, up close and personal, how we have healed our relationship, and we will give you the tools to do the same. Whether you are in the throes of mom/teen daughter drama now, or you can just see it coming down the track, we will give you a path to lasting connection.

“Being a teenager is a difficult time in everyone’s life, whether they want to admit it or not. You think your parents hate you. You think you hate your parents. And you think your boyfriend is the only one who actually cares about you. Well you are wrong. It’s easy to be blinded by the teenage drama, and it’s easy for others to sway your opinion. It was a difficult time in my life, but this is where Mama T came into play. Talking to her helped me and in turn helped my family.  She always made the conversation easy and comfortable. Still to this day I can feel the effect she had on me and my family.” –S. Young

We will also experience the power of helping others, by visiting the digital learning center of the Good Work Foundation, where I have been coaching girls by Skype for the last couple of years. Because the surest way to bring meaning to your life is to help someone in need; helping others together cements your relationship like nothing else.

July is winter in South Africa, and it’s the best time to star gaze under the night skies.  The digital noise and light pollution of the cities are thousands of miles away, so nothing interferes with the expansive canopy of the universe.  The days are cooler, so the animals are much more active in the daytime, and the summer rains have ceased.  It is a magical time to be on the trip of a lifetime with your daughter.  Londolozi itself is family run and Bronwyn and Shan are a mother daughter team who will inspire you.  Together they have saved countless animals from poaching, preserved natural space for the future and have transformed many lives through their Good Works Foundation.

photos courtesy of Londolozi Game Reserve

photos courtesy of Londolozi Game Reserve

At the Girl Power for Good Londolozi Retreat, we will ditch the devices and steep ourselves in connected conversations, coaching, animal tracking, safaris, and night skies all in 5- star accommodations.

photos courtesy of Londolozi Game Reserve

photos courtesy of Londolozi Game Reserve

We’ll work with the miraculous staff and mother/daughter pairs of the Good Work Foundation.  We’ll create our visions for living a bigger life, and we’ll support each other before and after the trip as we form new, stronger bonds with ourselves and our daughters.

If this sounds like the kind of life-long connection you want to create with your daughter in 2016 and beyond, please email me for all of the registration details, pricing and itinerary.




Join me in Africa, July 11-15, 2016 for the MOTHER of all mother/daughter retreats.