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Be Seen… Not just heard.

The concept behind Girl Power for Good is for every girl, regardless of age, to find her pride. This is not just an inner pride, although that is crucial, but it’s also a call to action for girls to find their outer Pride: a support group of sisters, both biological and social.

Instead of what exists in girl world today, backbiting and competition, I am a proponent of connection. I want to live in a world where girls recognize their own power and choose to use it for good.

On a trip to South Africa, I witnessed the power of lionesses as they supported each other within the Pride; it was a lightning bolt of realization which led me on a mission to bring the power of the Pride to girls and their parents.

Intrinsic in finding your own inner pride is a practice of self-care; my favorite form of self-care is creativity. If I’m feeling down, I can pick up my knitting needles or my journal and create something that never before existed. Creativity is the quickest way to settle your fear based thoughts and bring you back in touch with your Inner Guide (the part of you that is always benevolent and connected to love).

I started Girl Power for Good Publishing to give girls a chance to be heard… not just seen.

I think it’s high time for girls of all ages to be cherished for something other than being able to fit into a pair of skinny jeans! I love to write, and all my daughters do as well. I want to make it possible for girls to change the world with their words. I want them to find their Pride by connecting to other girls through their writing. It doesn’t matter if it’s fiction, non-fiction or poetry… just start writing… you will be so glad you did! Sit down right now with a pen and paper, set your phone timer for ten minutes, and pour your heart out. I do this every day, and the results are amazing! I feel better, because I’m investing my time in myself, instead of being worried about what someone else thinks of me.

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