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Book 1: Field Guide to Plugged-In Parenting, Even If You Were Raised by Wolves

Terri Fedonczak’s new guide helps parents build a plan to connect with their children, regardless of their upbringing.

In her brand new book, Terri answers the question: “How do you raise kind, successful kids when you have no role model to follow?”

Regardless of circumstances, many parents want to raise their children differently than they were raised. Fedonczak, who specializes in parent and teen coaching, grew up in a household where drama reigned supreme, leaving little room for positive parenting, so she ended up parenting herself and vowed to raise her own children differently. These experiences led to Plugged-In Parenting, The book describes the plan Fedonczak developed to create amazing kids based on a family values-focused system using long-term goals as the guiding force to making short-term decisions. Her definition of family values is based upon treating others with kindness and respect, being goofy with your kids and consistently applying discipline without anger.

Plugged-In Parenting breaks down the following:

  • Basic building blocks for your parenting plan
  • The 3 “R’s” – Respect for self, Respect for others, Responsibility for your actions
  • Parenting during periods of flux and mastering change
  • Leading by example
  • Self-care for the parent and the child
  • Parenting Tweens and Teens and writing your own plan

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