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One-On-One & Group-Based Coaching

One-on-One Coaching

“Parenting is Not a Spectator Sport”
-Terri Fedonczak, Founder of Girl Power for Good

Imagine if your relationship with your daughter looked and felt like being on a winning team, pulling together through bad plays and injuries to reach a goal that was bigger than both of you, instead of playing a prolonged game of tug-of-war where the fight tires you both until you just give up: no gain, no forward movement, just swirling circles of drama and slamming doors. Which one feels better to you in your heart? Which one feels more like using your Girl Power for Good? The choice is yours, be courageous enough to be vulnerable with your daughter and accept her as she is, or continue the tug-of-war to make her into something you think she should be. I’ve tried both options, and the former is so much simpler…not easier, but simpler. And the results are infinitely more joyful.

Life Coaching is a journey to a freer life filled with more laughter and less stress. My passion is working with strong women of all ages who are feeling stuck in their family, school or work lives and showing them how to use their Girl Power to free themselves.


  • One session $150
  • 3 session package $375
  • 6 session package $700

Moms and Daughters

  • 3 session package: One 45-60 minute session for Mom; Two 30 minute sessions for Daughter $275
  • 4 session package: One 45-60 minute session for Mom; Two 30 minute sessions for Daughter; One 45-60 minute session with both Mom and Daughter $400
  • 6 session package: Two 45-60 minute session for Mom: Two 30 minute sessions for Daughter: Two 45-60 minute session with both Mom and Daughter $600


  • One 30 minute session $75
  • 4 session package $275
  • 6 session package $375
  • 8 session package $480


Group Coaching
Custom Coaching Sessions

Let Terri come and teach your group to use their Girl Power for Good! Terri also does group coaching, either by phone or in person. If you have a group or organization who is plagued by stress due to family confrontations, teen/parent strife or work/life imbalance issues, please inquire here for pricing and availability, or email info@girlpowerforgood.com .


Roar’s For Terri’s Coaching

Such a wonderful blessing to this family

My daughter Connor came home several times at the beginning of the season talking about a mom on her high school volleyball team.  She just kept saying "Mom, she's so encouraging.  She is able to get to the root of the problem and talk about it, then find a solution.  The way that she approaches it just gives me hope and is calming."  I remember thinking how extraordinary this was, and how I wish as a teenager that I could have had  this same encouragement.  Then not too long into the season Terri also was instrumental in beginning a study session for the girls during home volleyball games.  This was brought about because of a vital need to get homework completed and tests studied for; which was a huge area the girls were struggling with.  Now before each home game the girls have time to complete homework, study for tests, and also to just have time with each other to be themselves.  Terri has been an amazing answer to prayer.  Such a wonderful blessing to this family and to each and every girl and family on our volleyball team!


Carli Linton

You're An Inspiring Role Model To Everyone Around You

An amazing person, a wonderful leader and life coach! You’re an inspiring role model to everyone around you, even if they don’t, well, know it yet. I’m not trying to avoid my homework or anything, maybe I am! I’ll keep going. The nasty battles in the world don’t even compare to the ones you’ve been through. You know what I’m talking about (breast cancer). This is one of the most nastiest words I’ve heard in my eleven-and-a-quarter year life. This cancer and many others don’t even amount to the Revolutionary War! Not only did you do great, you held back your tears in front of your children. Even the soldiers in the Revolutionary War cried. I’m not trying to insult the old, dead patriots, but you are the bravest person I’ve ever met! To my little soldier, I hope you remember the people around you are in awe of your beauty (inside and out), accomplishments and your confidence. We all love you. Don’t ever forget it!


Emily Fedonczak

I have been truly amazed at the way my life has turned around

Before working with Terri I was incapable of allowing myself the luxury of rest, or time off. In my eyes, I could only allow those after all my work was done. Being a single, working mom of twins, my work was never done. Terri helped me realize that while my work is never done, it doesn't make me any less of a person, to stop and take a moment for myself. If anything it helps me be a better mom, co-worker, and friend. The daily stresses of my life haven't changed, but I now control how I react to them. The results are amazing. I don't have a constant knot in my back due to stress; I have lost weight, and have more energy. Thank you Terri for helping realize that life is so much more!


Emily M

Coaching with Terri helped me more than I ever could have imagined!

My life before working with Terri was definitely in transition. My only child, a daughter who I am very close to, had just gone off to college and I lost my mother just two months earlier. Coaching with Terri helped me more than I ever could have imagined! My daughter and I get along very well, but we were having some tension with her being away at college and it was very hard to figure out what exactly the problem was, let alone how to make it better. It was all very frustrating! With the tools Terri introduced me to I was able to figure out what my issues were and, better yet, how to deal with them in a very practical no-nonsense way. In each session, I learned something new that helped me deal with the loss of my mother and relate to my daughter differently. The result was that I now look forward to my daughter’s calls from college! We communicate much better and our relationship is much stronger. Having a child leave home creates all kinds of emotions and Terri helped me sort through those emotions and turned what was becoming an unpleasant situation into the wonderful experience it should be. Terri helped me figure out my new role in my daughter’s life and how to embrace the new life I have as an empty nester! I highly recommend Terri as a life coach…I can’t wait for my daughter to have her first session with Terri!!


You were very refreshing and provided wonderful information.

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how much I enjoyed your Conflict Resolution training at Northwest Florida State College. You were very refreshing and provided wonderful information. Thank you for your time and willingness to share your knowledge. I am trying hard to remember to breath, stay in my business and make connections.

Terrie H.

Terri enabled me to be more open in all my relationships...

Terri walked me through the hardest time of my life and helped me to understand what I was feeling and intentionally sit in the moment of my sadness. Thus making it possible to move through it and find peace in the passing days. I am so thankful that I had Terri to help me process all that went on during this very difficult time in my life. Along the journey I also realized so many things about myself and my family! My relationship with my mother is the best it has ever been and I am so grateful for that! I have more energy to do things I love and I have found ways to enjoy the things that I didn't want to do at all! I am very thankful to have gone through this amazing experience that has enabled me to be more open in all my relationships. Life coaching with Terri has enriched my life and helped to lead me in a direction of continued growth.


We giggle, I cry, and I feel amazing at the end of every session.

I am a coaching client of Terri's. Since I met her, I have been able to navigate my self toward the right life for me. She has helped me with various tools, techniques, and the inspiration to make the right choices that feel good to my soul. We giggle, I cry, and I feel amazing at the end of every session. The universe had perfect timing for the 2 of us to get connected, and I could not be more thankful. I am so fortunate to have her as my life coach and friend.

Dr. Kim

I can proudly say that our relationship is better than ever...

My daughter and I got along well when she was in high school, but when she went off to college our relationship became very frustrating, to the point that I was less than excited when I heard her ring tone on my cell phone! Life coaching with Terri changed that by giving me the tools to deal with the this new phase of our relationship and of my life, so that I could be there for my daughter without losing myself and my sanity, and I can proudly say that our relationship is better than ever, and now I look forward to hearing her special ring tone!