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About Terri

I am a mentor for teen girls and their moms. But really I am a curator of powerful women, both young and old. I champion their journey to find their own inner lioness power. I am amazing at connecting girls with each other and their moms to create a Pride who will support each girl in following her own delicious dreams.

I’ve devoted most of my life to helping others own their power and shine their light to create a space where girls can see their own magnificence.

When you work with me, you can expect an environment filled with love and a safe space to create the highest and best version of yourself. And you’ll probably be surprised by how much fun it can be saving the world! My work matters, because it makes girl world kind again, where sisterhood is a support system, not a beauty contest.

I’m here to remind you that you are powerful. It’s your power, and your choice of how to use it. To sum it up, I am a conduit to infinite power and connection. So, my question for you is, “When was the last time you felt powerful and proud?”

About Girl Power For Good

The concept was born at the Londolozi Game Reserve in South Africa. While on safari, Terri witnessed the power of lionesses, as they hunted together, fed their young and supported each other within the Pride (Pride is capitalized, because a support group is the most important part of finding and sustaining your inner pride).

It was like a lightning bolt of realization of how human female relationships could benefit from a similar focus, leading Terri on a mission to bring the power of the pride to girls and their parents. Girl Power for Good will become a force to spread girl power far and wide, not only through Terri’s speaking and future Field Guides, but also through Girl Power For Good Publishing (publishing the works of girls and their moms) and Girl Power Stations (wellness centers where girls can replenish their power).

Join us, and learn what it feels like to be truly powerful!