May 2014

This week, I am turning over my blog to my youngest daughter. We had a long conversation after watching the movie, “Mean Girls” for its 10th anniversary a couple of weeks ago. This story is the result of our talk. I didn’t prompt her to write it, but I’m sure glad she did. If you… LETS GO

If you have a less than perfect relationship with your mother, Mother’s Day is always a bit awkward. Hallmark doesn’t make a card that reads, “I’m so glad I don’t live with you anymore” or “Thanks for only calling me when you need something.” So, we buy the cards that represent the feeling we think… LETS GO

My mom has been in my thoughts a lot lately. I couldn’t have written my book without her as inspiration. I miss her bigger than life personality, and I believe she would be tickled at my book’s success, even as she would chide me for the title. Even though my mom was not a nurturing… LETS GO