April 2014

When you take a child into your home from a disadvantaged environment, you never really know what you will get. Depending upon the circumstances, odds are good that your new housemate has a lack habit. When a child is raised in an environment of not enough (not enough love, not enough food, not enough nurture)… LETS GO

If you’ve read my book (and if that’s a true statement, THANK YOU!), then you know that I preach self-care—a lot. And yet this week was an example of how even the most carefully crafted self-care plan can go awry. Last Saturday I woke up feeling wonky, and it worsened as the day progressed. I… LETS GO

My concept of Plugged-In Parenting is built upon the premise that parenting is not a spectator sport. If you’re not parenting with a plan based upon long-term goals and daily action steps, then you’re really just babysitting your kids. I know this sounds harsh, but you only get one chance at parenting your children. If… LETS GO